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Behavioral Insight That Drives Results

Become the CEO of your own behavior.

Do your salespeople say...

  • "I'm not sure what I need to do every day to be successful. I'm just guessing right now."
  • "I worked hard today, but I'm not sure it was the right work."
  • "I'm all on my own. I don't get enough support."
  • "I don't see my manager enough. I'd love to get more feedback on what I should be doing in order to make my numbers."
  • "I need a clear roadmap to hit my quota."

Use SalesAccountability to:

  • Identify the behaviors most likely to lead to success—so those behaviors can be easily duplicated by everyone on the team.

  • Track what your people are actually doing, each and every day, in real time.

  • Create simple, fun competitions for team members they can follow via both smartphone and web site.

  • Lay out a simple behavior plan for new hires that allows you to spot early-stage roadblocks and correct ineffective selling patterns before they become ingrained habits.

  • Build and support a behavior plan that ties directly to a salesperson's unique personal goals.


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